Fast forward your CRM development

A browser-based customer relationship manager (CRM) with basic functionality that can be customised to suit your specific company needs.

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Xiip is free

Over the past 20 years of building systems for people, Arbor Digital has made this re-usable base. And we give it away.

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You Own Xiip

Just as if you had commissioned a developer to build you a CRM to your own specification, you buy a copy of Xiip.

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True Flexiblity

You buy a brand new instance of Xiip. No one else shares your code or database. So you can integrate or change anything.

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Any Device

As a web-based solution, Xiip can be viewed and used on any device that has a web browser including: laptops, phones, tablets.

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"I needed a complicated CRM system built from scratch and the developers at Arbor digital delivered me exactly what I wanted when I wanted for the price agreed and all support since then has been fantastic I thoroughly recommend them."

Peter Joseph, CEO, The Moving Hub

What distinguishes Xiip from other CRM solutions?

CRMs generally have very similar functionality at their core. The simplest form of a CRM is one that allows you to save people and company details, and then store communication history against those entities.

Some very big CRM systems, such as Salesforce allow a lot of customisation, and sometimes even very cheap customisation, depending on the Salesforce developer you hire to do the work for you. Also, Salesforce and similar CRM offerings have a commuity of developers who create new plugins for the software all the time. So there, they have that tremendous advantage over a custom solution such as Xiip.

Our unique sales proposition is that we are selling the software to you. You are not signing up for monthly per user payemnts, you are buying a solution in the same way that you would if you got a custom CRM system built by a developer. Also, we're giving Xiip away for free. Though systems like Salesforce and ZOHO sell seats at an apparently low amount per user, that figure very quickly rises as you move beyond the most basic package.

Read more about hidden costs here.

It may appear that we are picking on Saleforce here. We are not at all. It is a fantastic product, and one that we ourselves support, but it is not for everyone. Where it is great for established large organisations with clearly defined processes, Xiip is great for entities that require a large amount of agility. Startups and small, constantly adapting business are perfect candidates for Xiip.

How "free" is Xiip?

These are the once-off costs for setup. There are no monthly fees payable to Arbor Digital (our company).

Xiip basic software (This is the free bit)£0.00
Installing Xiip on your server£300.00
Setup of your hosting (optional)£100.00
Configuring your domain and email (optional)£150.00
CustomisationDependent on requirements

That doesn't look very "free"?

The base of any CRM system is complicated. If we built your system from scratch we'd have to (by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Create digital entities that interact with each other
  • Create a login and permissions system
  • Create a basic look and feel
  • Create workflows between, and for, individual entities
  • Make all these things display properly
  • Create an emailing system
  • Check and re-check security on the system
  • Make sure the system can accept modular integrations
  • Ensure the system is easily extensible to future-proof it as much as possible

All of this, and many functions not mentioned here, come standard in the Xiip base. That is what you do not pay for.

Sounds like the software does a lot just by itself, can I just have that?

Yes, it does. And no, you can't. We have built this base over many years. We have been essentially giving it away for a lot of that time to loyal customers who move on to build great systems with us. This is not an offer of free software to walk away with, it is an offer to get a great base for free and to then work with a solid and reliable development supplier.

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What is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)?

A CRM is a way of organising information about your customers, and of keeping track of communication and tasks related to those customers.

Xiip moves beyond the typical definition of a CRM when we cutomise the software. At some point it can move into the realms of enterprise resource planning (ERP). Xiip is flexible enough to answer all problems presented by both of these software needs.

What can it be extended to do?

We have fitted Xiip to a many companies, doing a diverse array of jobs. Some very simple, some extremely complex. Some examples of that:

  • Time tracking software for an engineering firm. This solution gives the firm a way of tracking billable hours and producing neat, detailed bills to their customers. The solution works for any service-based company that bills out their staffs' time.
  • Lead generation and deal tracking for sales company. This company generates conveyancing leads for a panel of solicitors. The Xiip platform in this implementation is very far from its original vanilla implementation, with integrations into several third party applications and services, including emailing services, credit checking, text services and a few others. This implemenetation is great for call-centre based sales teams.
  • CRM and lead generator for a swimwear company. This company allows quotes off their website, which are fed directly into the Xiip system. The system notifies them of new leads and prompts them to follow these up. Of course it also acts as a project manager, by keeping track of the status of print jobs in the company and showing them exactly where they have bottlenecks. This implementation is perfect for any manufacturing business.

Why give it away?

Where we make our money is off customisation, upgrades and special integrations. We have been making systems like these for years, and the pattern is always the same. Customers commission us to build them a system, then, once they see how flexible it is, they start to think of ways to streamline their companies. They get us to integrate with third-party systems, or to get the commmunication flow between their websites and CRM seamless. Basically, once you know that so many limitations have been removed, we are banking on the fact that you will want to take advantage of that.

Is the basic software fully functional?

Yes. It's a fully functional basic CRM. We are very proud of the basic package. We use its functionality in our own business, to follow up on "sales" of Xiip and other products. Like to see it for yourself? Book a demo

What is the catch?

The catch, is that you have to use us for your installation and upgrades. We won't give you the software to use with another development firm. Luckily though, we are pretty good at what we do, so you will be well taken care of.

How does one pronounce Xiip?

As with the word "Xylophone", we intended the word to be pronounced "Zip".

What is Arbor Digital?

This is our company. We created Xiip over many years of creating customers custom CRM solutions. Arbor Digital

I'm and Arbor Digital customer, why didn't I get the free thing?

You did. We have been reusing parts of our solutions for years. Just as every development house does. We have only just packaged it into a neat product now, to encourage others to benefit in the same way you did.

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